👋 Hi, I’m Javad

Linkedin: Javad Koushyar Twitter: Javad Koushyar

Javad Koushyar

I am Javad, a dedicated Graduate Research Assistant at Texas State University and an Experienced Software Developer with a robust background in software engineering. My professional journey has spanned continents and disciplines, from a Senior Software Engineer in Australia, to leading team of developers in Iran.

Professional Experience

  • Graduate Research Assistant at Texas State University
  • Senior Software Engineer at Clanz, Australia
  • Front-end Developer at Namlik
  • Intern at XaaS Cloud Computing


  • PhD’s degree in Computer Science – from Texas State University, Texas, United States (In progress)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering – from Bu-Ali University, Hamedan, Iran

Technical Books I’ve Enjoyed

Book TitleAuthor(s)YearStatus
JavaScript: The Good PartsDouglas Crockford2022
The Clean CoderRobert C. Martin2024
Understanding Deep LearningSimon J.D. Prince2024
The Joy of CryptographyMike Rosulek2024Currently reading
Introduction to AlgorithmsCormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein2024Next on my list

Contact ME

Feel free to reach out to me for collaboration or discussions on exciting tech projects!

My Email: javadmokhtari@outlook.com